Deborah Bush MNZM, QSM

At the heart of Deborah’s work has been the person, the client, the end user, the patient, and communities world-wide. The Māori proverb: He aha te mea nui o e ao? He tangata, he tangata, he tangata: what is the most important thing in the world? The people, the people, the people; resonates with her personal values, passion, commitment to make a difference to others and influence positive change through effective leadership, governance, innovation and unique care and compassion.

Deborah was described as “a pioneer, a visionary, a highly effective lay person in a specialised medical world” by the New Zealand Woman of the Year judges.

Prior to moving into the field of women’s health, she had 25 years teaching experience.  She qualified as a dance teacher and speech and drama teacher and had her own teaching studios in both disciplines. Commensurate with her work and life, she is learning Te Reo Māori and has heart for tikanga Māori.    

She co-founded Endometriosis New Zealand (ENZ) in 1985, guiding it to Registered Charitable Trust status in January 1994.  She was a founding Board member, then became CEO and developed, and implemented the Organisation’s services, programmes, policies, and procedures until her resignation.

Deborah is a respected global mentor who continues to make a significant contribution to research and the literature.

She is an articulate advocate for women’s health and diversity and a highly effective communicator with considerable media experience. 

Manaakitanga (respect, generosity, and care for others) is everything to Deborah.

Awards and Achievements:

  • New Zealand Order of Merit (MNZM) Queen Elizabeth II Honours 2017
  • WES Board – only lay person world-wide 2017
  • Founded World Endometriosis Organisations 2017
  • Zonta Top 50 Women of Achievement 2015
  • Woman of Influence finalist 2014
  • Woman of the Year: Health and Science 2012
  • Zonta International Woman of the Biennium Award 2011 – 2013
  • International Outstanding Service to Women Award 2011
  • Paul Newman Award 2007
  • Health Innovation Award for the me® programme 2007
  • “Commonwealth Award for Excellence in Women’s Health” (Endometriosis  New Zealand under her leadership)
  • Queen’s Service Medal (QSM), Queen Elizabeth II Honours 2003
  • Director: EPP Coaching and Consulting (Endometriosis and Pelvic Pain)
  • Director: World Endometriosis Society (WES) Board
  • Founding Principal: World Endometriosis Organisations (WEO)
  • Director: Menstrual Health and Endometriosis education (me® )
  • Co-founder: Endometriosis New Zealand
  • New Zealand Pain Society: Pain in Childhood SIG

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EPP Coaching: Deborah’s private practice

Deborah Bush Consulting: board governance, training and speaking

me® education: menstrual health and endometriosis

EPP Coaching

Those with endometriosis and pelvic pain have been searching to find the missing pieces in endometriosis and pelvic pain care and education for centuries. A gap in health care, is the difference between evidence-based best practice and the care that the patient actually receives. This can be identified as an unmet need.

The EPP Clinic has demonstrated well-being benefits to thousands of patients. EPP Coaching fills an unmet need in patient care where patients are central to their own wellbeing. Successful studies now demonstrate that this model of care provides significant health and well-being values.

An EPP Coaching session with Deborah is person-centred and integrates into Centres of Expertise providing multi-disciplinary and holistic care for those with endometriosis and pelvic pain.  Deborah fosters a therapeutic relationship and has a unique empathic manner.  Without doubt, she’s a coach with a difference.

A consultation with Deborah provides you with:

  • understanding your condition
  • education about your surgery, procedures, and management
  • practical strategies you can use every day
  • well-health for well-being coaching
  • written report to your specialist, or you if self-referred

Deborah describes this as the LAW of EPP Coaching

Listens to your story | Appropriate education | Well-health coaching

EPP Coaching is available at Oxford Women’s Health in Christchurch; Endometriosis Ascot (Auckland); and Auckland Gynae Group (AGG) through a referral from your specialist gynaecologist.

You can now also book a private appointment with Deborah.  

Most consultations are conducted online

© Deborah Bush MNZM, QSM 2022. Subject to the provisions of the Copyright Act.

Deborah Bush Consulting

Deborah has more than 35 years of experience delivering impactful talks, training, future thinking strategy, research, and mentorship world-wide.  Deborah will work with you collectively to make a memorable and inspirational difference, meeting your specific needs through dynamic engagement, targeted purpose and always with loads of enthusiasm.

  • Governance
    • Strategy development aligning purpose, ethical tone, and values
    • Relevancy in connecting business goals and employee growth and satisfaction
    • Engaging key stakeholders
    • Communication, media
    • Sound governance and robust, fair, and equitable leadership
  • Key note speaker:
    • Academic conferences
    • Facilitator: meetings and congress panel discussions
    • Entertaining guest speaker
    • Wedding / function MC
  • Trainer: GPs and health professionals
    • Contact Deborah to discuss suitable presentations
  • Educator: school students, community groups
    • ‘what about me®’ education programme
    • Workplace wellness: menstrual health and wellbeing
    • Strategic development in menstrual health education world-wide
  • Mentor:
    • Endometriosis Organisations through WEO
    • World Endometriosis Society through WES
  • Research
    • Author and co-author of research in menstrual health, endometriosis, and related learnings

© Deborah Bush MNZM, QSM 2022. Subject to the provisions of the Copyright Act.


Deborah is an educationalist at heart, supported by her qualifications and achievements. She championed the cause of endometriosis through innovation and initiating and developing the world’s first Menstrual Health and Endometriosis (me®) programme for schools in 1997. It has significantly influenced early recognition of symptoms and timely intervention for adolescents in New Zealand (published). She is now available to assist other organisations and countries develop their specific menstrual health education strategy.

Deborah developed innovative health and education initiatives and programmes for, workplaces, hospitals, and Continuing Medical Education (CME). 

The me® programme has been redeveloped as a fresh new approach to learning in the real world, though e-Learning experiences. It’s medically responsible, engaging, fun and interactive providing the latest knowledge, including the neuroscience of pain.  me® encourages early recognition of symptoms and timely intervention, to stop the suffering, impact on life and potential future fertility and reduce the diagnostic delay.

Deborah believes that:

  • Menstrual health education cannot be left to chance.
  • We must prepare our young people for navigating a range experiences from their very first period through their adult years with professionally developed, agile, personalised and place-based learning.
  • WHAT ABOUT me® prepares our young people to understand menstruation, embrace this special time and, through shared experiences and learnings, recognise symptoms that cause distress or impact their life so that they can be actively involved in their menstrual health, now and in the future.   
  • Menstrual health education is a powerful tool to enlighten, inform, support and change young lives to stop the suffering of conditions like endometriosis and pelvic pain. 
  • Evidence is key: Find out more about the me® programme published research here.  Aust NZ J Obstet Gynaecol 2017;1–6
  • We must recognise the symptoms early and intervene in a timely manner. Endometriosis starts young. 

© Deborah Bush MNZM, QSM 2022. Subject to the provisions of the Copyright Act.


Feedback from patients

“Deborah answered all my questions and I felt privileged and lucky to have found her. What a fantastic resource we’ve been fortunate to tap into.”

“I appreciated being able to talk about my daughter’s symptoms and will now make an appointment for her. It was so beneficial. I am stoked.”

“It was great being able to understand my disease, get resources, & management options. I found it easy to talk to Deborah & got so much more out of the session than I expected.”  

Feedback from gynaecologists

‘Relaxed environment outside the clinician’s appointment where patients feel comfortable, actively engaged and open to a personalised understanding of their condition and wellbeing. Great letters and very helpful with patient management


‘The Endometriosis and Pelvic Pain Coaching clinic should be integrated into all Centres of Expertise and hospitals for those with these conditions, as a useful adjunct to the patient care package’


I refer all my patients who have had a diagnosis of endometriosis post-surgically to Deborah. In over ten years of working with Deborah, patient feedback is always positive. I am committed to providing my patients with best practice care and I see EPP Coaching as integral to our MDT approach which is recommended in the Clinical Guidelines.’

Dr Benjamin Sharp MBBS, BSc, MRCOG, FRANZCOG
Feedback from Presentations

That talk was amazing to be honest. She has amazing skills at speaking, coming across with love, understanding, care, and she made it simple to understand! I thought Deborah Bush is one of the best presenters I have encountered.

Thank you so much for your mahi Deborah. I was so encouraged by your passion to see women supported and strengthened in their journeys with endometriosis. Your mahi is making a difference.

The presentation by Deborah was excellent: she is a great communicator, the content was clear, easy to understand, relevant, astounding and useful. In my work with youth, we will all be better off for this.

I admire the enormous contribution that Deborah has made to women with endometriosis in New Zealand.  Her determination to have national guidelines saw the development of ‘Diagnosis and Management of Endometriosis in New Zealand’.  Without her tenacity these guidelines would not have been developed.


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